February 6, 2013


14 Female Rockers Egregiously Snubbed From the Grammys


Perhaps the most overlooked and egregiously snubbed of all the eligible female albums, Feist's Metals is a masterwork from an artist acting upon their daring instincts, not chart-motivated pop fodder. 

A backlash of sorts to the stardom delivered unto her iPod-commercial-springing hit "1234," Metals is dark, tangled and deeply orchestrated, a collection of discordant rock jams and smoldering acoustic ditties about graveyards. This is deep stuff. 

It's Feist at her most Feist-y, crafting intricate songs with horns, xylophone and, at times, nuts percussion that feel more attuned and true to Feist than anything else she's ever released. Its omission is truly a lapse in judgement on the Academy's part. 

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