May 10, 2013


Wait, What?! Santigold & Clay Aiken Made Cameos on 'The Office'

Sometimes it's hard to believe that American Idol's pasty vocal-pop singer Clay Aiken and genre-bending artist Santigold exist in the same space-time continuum. But last night's episode of The Office provided on-camera proof that not only do they both, in fact, exist in our realm, but they're capable of sitting next to each other without the fabric of the universe tearing apart.

Santigold, Clay Aiken and Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers (for added WTF value) played judges on a reality singing competition show called America's Next A Capella Sensation. Ed Helms' character unsuccessfully auditions while dressed as an old man, and although none of them are given any zingers to knock him down, it's pretty entertaining to see him try to impress them by singing the Cornell Fight Song.

Watch it above at the 26:27 mark.