October 13, 2014


Like "Problem"? Dress Like Ariana Grande for Halloween

Getty Images (L)
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Undoubtedly, Ariana Grande has been a longtime Halloween costume fave for the Nickelodeon-watching youngins. But with the release of My Everything this year, the young starlet has fully penetrated the mainstream and that means a lot of Ariana costumes this year.

To make sure yours is the best of them all, we've assembled the perfect outfit based off the look she rocked in the "Problem" videolive onstage and all over her Instagram—her '60s mod look, of course.

Mod looks are always popular at Halloween (a Google search for "mod halloween costumes" will give you millions of results), but here's everything you need to get Ariana's "Problem" style.

First off, make it easy on yourself and grab one of those cute, '60s mod dresses from a costume outlet store. You can find them pretty cheap (and on sale!) on eBay (here's one we like best for $27.50). If you're feeling bold, you could head to Etsy to find actual vintage shift dresses, but they're probably going to be a little pricier like this black-and-white one ($106) or this yellow one ($55). The dress will be your biggest purchase with the rest of the costume coming together pretty easily.

You'll need some white, gogo boots and Target has the perfect pair ($29.99). To achieve Ariana's signature, voluminous hair you'll need some heavy-duty hairspray so try out a can of Addict Volume & Control ($6.95). And this little diva hates keeping her hair down so you'll need a ton of hair pins to keep your ponytail in place, try 'DevaClips' hair clips (eight for $13.95) that are lightweight, but sturdy to keep everything looking fresh even if you're whipping your hair when "Break Free" comes on at your Halloween party. (Bonus: Watch this great Ariana Grande hair and makeup tutorial to really nail the beauty aspects.)

The details are important too. Ari's been favoring a snowy-white nail color lately, so try out this pretty sheer color ($8.95). Lastly, Ariana's also a devout Kabbalist and attends classes every Friday. So, get spiritual and tie a red string around your wrist (hey, it's good luck!) with your blessed bracelet...get one from Jerusalem! ($7.57).

Halloween costume...one less "Problem" for you now. Ba-dum-bum-ching.