December 4, 2017


Harlem Rapper Finally Meets His 81-Year-Old 'Words With Friends' Buddy

Words With Friends is one of the most popular games ever, and its ability to connect people from various parts of the world just became a viral internet moment! Over the weekend, thousands of people were touched as a 22-year-old shared his story of finally uniting with his 81-year-old game buddy in real life.

Spencer Sleyon, a Silver Spring, Md. who recently moved to Harlem to pursue rapping and producing, went down to Florida to meet with Rosalind “Roz” Guttman with the help of Rev. Amy Butler. "So last summer i randomly met this 80 y/o woman on words with friends. We played 300+ games together and she actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine. Today I got to go to florida and meet her in person," Sleyon said on Friday in a tweet that now has over one million likes. Photos of their reunion in West Palm Beach are just too heartwarming!

Butler was the one who arranged the trip for Sleyon, where the pair had lunch and toured the local neighborhood. “I’ve been living with this story for several months and I know how powerful it is," she told The Root. "And I hope this story encourages people to connect across lines that they were unwilling to before, because there are beautiful friendships to be found.” Sleyon also commented on why he thinks the story went so viral: “Besides the obvious—the fact that I’m a young black male and this is an old white woman—a lot of people enjoyed the fact that we were able to get so close, especially given the tension in the country.”

With the way this country is at the moment, it's great to see such pure acts of compassion garner so much attention! Next, keep it in the competitive (but holiday-themed) world as Fuse staffers face off in our first-ever reindeer games: