December 20, 2017


Lady Gaga's Las Vegas Residency: 6 Things We Need From The Pop Star

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

Pop stars have been making their way to Las Vegas for extended stays for a few years now, and just yesterday, Lady Gaga announced that she will join that group a year from now. The idea of a smaller show (the venue only seats a few thousand people at once, which is an intimate setting for someone like the "Poker Face" chanteuse) featuring Gaga is exciting enough, but if she includes all of the following, we'll have everything we could have asked for.

#1The Hits

Perhaps the best thing about residencies is that they aren’t like typical concert tours, which are meant to promote a specific album. Instead of focusing on album tracks many in the audience might not have heard, residencies allow those on stage to play the hits and only the hits, which is what most people buy a ticket for anyway. Lady Gaga has more than her fair share of popular tunes she can choose from—20 Top 40 hits, to be exact—so it shouldn’t be hard for her to only perform the tunes people know and love the most.

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