December 26, 2017


An Analysis: Logic Has Finally Received The Respect He's Deserved For Years

Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Before 2017, Logic was already a quietly-rising star. His first two albums had both broken into the top five on the Billboard 200, which is an impressive sign of success, especially for somebody who had never managed a hit single. He was certainly a working musician with a healthy paycheck, but in many ways, Logic hadn’t yet “broken,” in that his name still wasn’t discussed when it came to mainstream music.

This past year changed everything for the rapper, and he is finally being appropriately recognized—not just for one hit song or an album that performed well, but as a powerful force for positive change. The world needs an artist like Logic, and the spotlight seems to have found him at just the right time.

Oddly enough, things really started looking up for the young artist (as if they weren’t going well to begin with) when his new album Everybody debuted at No. 1 with a sizable first-week sum. That sort of accomplishment is typically only reserved for major players in the business and those with a massive smash currently ruling the airwaves, but somehow, without either of those things playing to his advantage, Everybody ruled, if only for one week.

The lead single from the record, the title track, established that Logic’s third album was going to be focused on topics that matter in an attempt to make the world a better place. Follow-up cut “Black Spiderman” also sent a powerful message, but those two charting songs didn’t come close to reaching people and leaving a lasting impression like the Everybody's third proper single did. The difficult-to-say-aloud "1-800-273-8255" is now far and away Logic’s biggest hit, and it’s one of the most important pieces of music to be released in years.

"1-800-273-8255" shares a number (or, name) with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, so it’s immediately clear both what the song is about and what the goal is with the composition. Between the track itself, live performances, and even the GRAMMY-nominated music video, Logic doesn’t waste an opportunity to make sure everybody listening hears the potentially life-saving message he’s trying to promote.

The song went all the way to No. 3, and it has now established Logic as a hitmaker. Was it the catchy hook (which was silently co-written by Chainsmokers frontman Drew Taggart), the timely and valuable idea that life is precious, or perhaps featured guests Alessia Cara and Khalid that made "1-800-273-8255" a smash? Probably all of them combined, to be honest.

Logic likely had real fame and success coming to him at some point in his career, but after years of building a dedicated fan base and waiting patiently, it’s incredibly exciting to see someone like him finally make their name known with such a beautiful piece of music.

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