January 17, 2018


The Chainsmokers Embrace True Pop with Dark New Single 'Sick Boy': Listen

After teasing that something new was on the way on social media, electro-pop duo The Chainsmokers have dropped their new single “Sick Boy,” and it seems to signal that they’re ready to launch the next phase of their career.

While they made their name by taking the electronic breakdowns that made them successes in the dance world and bringing them to the Top 40-loving mainstream, “Sick Boy” is pure pop, though don’t go thinking they’ve ditched the computers in favor of more traditional instruments (no matter what appears to be happening in the video). The Chainsmokers are now unabashedly trafficking in the laptop-made pop that most stars churn out, which they've been heading towards for some time.

“Sick Boy” is noticeably darker in tone compared to party tracks like “Don’t Let Me Down,” and while they’ve always been wistful and melancholy (think “Something Just Like This,” “Closer,” or “Paris”), this latest cut is downright gloomy...though that doesn’t mean it’s not catchy and worthy of back-to-back plays.

The Chainsmokers needed the help of many a talented up-and-coming singer to propel their singles to the top of the charts (ROZES, Daya, Halsey, Phoebe Ryan), but now they’re on their own, and they seem to be doing just fine. Frontman Drew Taggart has been practicing being a pop star and a heartthrob for well over a year now, and while he’s still not much of a vocalist, the pair’s brand of electronic pop doesn’t require him to belt a single note, and he pulls off “Sick Boy” just fine.

The video that accompanies the song sees the two (along with their drummer) performing the track for the first time, and visual effects make the clip interesting to watch and elevates the entire experience. Everything about the production signals that this is a new era for the group, and that they’re pushing themselves as artists this time around.

“Sick Boy” appears to be the first taste of an upcoming collection (perhaps a new album), though as of now, the group is staying quiet.

After you watch "Sick Boy," throw it back to when The Chainsmokers were still on the rise thanks to their inventive use of electro drops and clever lyrics.