February 8, 2018


Calvin Harris and PartyNextDoor Team Up and Try New Things on 'Nuh Ready Nuh Ready': Listen

After trying his hand at blending nu-disco and funk into something that feels fresh, an experiment that was met with fairly positive results, Calvin Harris has switched things up again and is going for something completely different in 2018.

The Scottish DJ and producer just released his new single “Nuh Ready Nuh Ready,” which sounds like nothing he’s ever produced. The tune has a tropical flair to it, and it perfectly blends ideas taken from hip-hop, R&B, and ‘90s house tracks. While he’s not known for making music that fits into any of those descriptors, they’re all hot as hell right now, and Harris could potentially have another hit on his hand by melding all three styles. 

Harris prefers not to sing on his own singles, and this time around he’s partnered with PartyNextDoor to contribute vocals, which he pulls off spectacularly. The Canadian musician's stylized flow fits perfectly on Harris’ beats, and after years of being something of an underground favorite, this might be his first true hit.

While “Nuh Ready Nuh Ready” doesn’t immediately grab the listener and force them to jump on the dance floor in the same way that many of Harris’ power-bangers have in the past, it’s super cool, and this might be a different kind of hit for the musician.

The last two years or so have seen Harris trying new things and completely ditching the bro-EDM that made him the highest-paid DJ in the world. After experimenting on his 2017 album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, which slowed things down and displayed a much mellower sound, he has made it clear that he’s not looking to return to the world of massive drops that play so well at the biggest music festivals in the world. Harris helped usher in an era of dance music that conquered the charts and changed the definition of pop with tracks like “Feels So Close,” “Summer,” “Sweet Nothing” and Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” and now he wants to do so again with a completely different feeling.

This era of his career, fronted by “Nuh Ready Nuh Ready,” won’t sound anything like "We Found Love," but hopefully it will still get more than a few parties started.