March 21, 2018


Halsey Says She's Done Hiding Her Endometriosis Battle in Candid Speech: Watch

Halsey shed more light on her years-long battle with endometriosis, a currently incurable disorder where tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus and women deal with an atypical, typically painful menstrual cycle.

The 23-year-old gave a candid speech about her battle with the common disease while being honored at the Endometriosis Foundation of America's ninth annual Blossom Ball on Monday, March 19, in New York.

"I can’t pretend anymore that just because I'm a pop artist and I'm touring that everything's perfect and everything's all good and my skin's always great and I'm fit and my outfits are always perfect," she shared after revealing complications with endometriosis led her to a miscarriage.

She shared more about her day-to-day experiences sharing both her triumphs and anxieties from the past year:

"In the process of having everyone pick me apart and feeling so insecure, feeling less of a woman because I couldn't be intimate with my boyfriend, because I couldn't go out when my friends wanted me to, because I was dealing with digestion problems and bleeding problems and fainting and all of the other amazing things that come along with having endo. It was really hard to feel like that confident, 20-something-year-old girl who wanted to get on the stage with her middle finger held high and make everyone sing along with her.

"I had surgery a year ago in January and since then I have felt a lot better, I really have. I had a laparoscopic diagnostic surgery and endometriosis ablation. And I walked the red carpet at the GRAMMYs with stitches in my stomach. I've made a lot of friends now that I'm able to go out and do stuff. I'm in a new relationship with someone that really loves me, understands me, and is compassionate and caring to what I've gone through. But I still wake up every day and I'm scared that if I become that sick girl again that all those people are going to go away. That fear is going to haunt me for the rest of my life."

Halsey ended her speech saying she's proud of sharing her story and diagnosis since it's helped her fans and emphasized the importance of women needing to look into if something feels wrong or off when it comes to their reproductive health. And in a political where women's reproductive rights are being scrutinized more than ever, speeches like Halsey's become all the more important and empowering.

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