December 5, 2018


Vic Mensa Does ASMR: 5 Things We Learned About the Chicago Rapper

You may know Vic Mensa as a rapper or an activist or a non-profit co-founder or a fashion maven, but did you know Vic Mensa also does ASMR? The multitalented artist stopped by Fuse to try our ASMR series, Mind Massage, for the first time and took to it like a pro—and we got to learn some interesting stuff about him. 

Here are five things we learned about the Chicago rapper:

  1. This spring he’ll be launching a fashion label called 93 Punx—along with a punk album! 

  2. His new album Hooligans (not the punk album!) is set to drop December 14. 

  3. Part of Save Money Save Life, the organization he founded, involves the Street Medics program, which trains civilians in underserved areas in how to respond to gunshot and stabbing wounds. 

  4. He listens to white noise and loves the smell of gasoline. 

  5. He once tried to ride a horse in $1,500 leather pants. 

The more you know! If you haven't seen it, check the full video down below... You're Welcome