January 15, 2019


20 Songs That Remind Us Of The 2000's

Nothing like a new year to make us feel all nostalgic. Maybe it’s seeing all these throwback pics from the #10YearChallenge or maybe we all just miss a more simple time in our lives before Russians hacked our Facebooks, but there’s just something about music from the early 2000s that’s so wonderful and pure.

So we’re “making our way down” memory lane and digging up the ultimate 20 songs that defined the music of the early 2000s. And before you ask, yes, of course *NSYNC is on there.

#1"Down 4 You" Ja Rule ft Ashanti

I think we can all say that Murder, Inc. pretty much ruled the 2000's. The hit song took over Billboard Charts during the summer of 2002, and featured "The Princess of R&B", Ashanti. Pretty sure the music video made us all wanna go party on a yacht and buy visors to wear them backwards. But wait ...I was today years old when I found out both Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were in the music video? Did you catch it? 

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