May 14, 2015


Miley's Backyard Session With Ariana Grande Is a Princess Pajama Party

Is Miley Cyrus doing an album of surprising old-school jams soon or what? Her recently revived Backyard Sessions—recently as in last week—are terrific enough to have us hoping.

Today we've got Miley and Ariana Grande—a fellow TV-to-music/21-to-22-year-old diva-in-wait—doing Crowded House's 1986 smash "Don't Dream It's Over" (you know it, trust me). This time the scenery's a little different: Instead of the late afternoon, everyday back yard setting we've been watching, Miley and Ari are sitting on an inflatable translucent green couch as fluffy bedtime princesses. 

"Are you a mouse or a bear?" Miley asks Ariana at one of several conversational interludes. "Whatever you are, it's probably the cutest mouse-bear thing I've ever seen." Miley, meanwhile, is wearing unicorn pajamas and big fuzzy slippers. It's clear these two are about to have one of those sleepovers where you gossip and talk about life till sunrise.

Miley's Backyard Sessions are in support of her newly launched Happy Hippie Foundation, a charity working to help homeless and LGBTQ youth "and other vulnerable populations." Previously we had collaborations with Joan Jett ("Different"), Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace ("Androgynous" and "True Trans Soul Rebel"), and, earlier this week, august  singer-songwriter Melanie Safka.

They've all been stunning enough that if Miley doesn't want to do the oldies album, she can just release a record/Blu-ray combo pack with all of these. (Please?)