October 20, 2015


Ariana Grande Teases "Focus" Single In Debut Perfume Ad

Earlier this month, Ariana Grande teased a bit of her upcoming single, "Focus." It felt a bit like "Problem," but also recalled the funky girl-power message of Fifth Harmony. Last week she sharing the black-and-white cover art, with Ari rocking a white platinum wig. Whatever this next stage in her career is, we're totally stoked.

Today the commercial for her first ever fragrance, Ari by Ariana Grande, has surfaced. With it, we see the young starlet singing along to the upcoming song.

The whole thing is very Audrey Hepburn, with Grande sporting vintage shades in an old-school New York City taxi. "Focus" arrives October 30, while the scent is available now.

Watch the ad above, then peep these 15 adorable shots of musicians with their dads. You might see a familiar face.