January 12, 2017


#TBT 2013: Calvin Harris Reveals How He Linked Up with Rihanna for 'We Found Love'

Roughly half a decade ago, Calvin Harris and Rihanna teamed up for one of pop's most stellar collaborations to date, the infectious and oh-so-catchy "We Found Love."

In a throwback interview with Fuse, the Scottish producer recalled how the two ended up working together. "It was an accident...I was touring with her in Australia two years ago 'round about this time. She was listening to the set I'd played before, and she said she wanted to do something that kind of sounded like what I was playing."

Without anyone particular in mind, Harris later wrote "We Found Love" and was "looking for someone to sing on it."

"I wasn't shooting for someone as high and amazing as Rihanna, but she heard it, and she wanted it," he said. "It was a risk for her, I think. It was different sounding at that time."

Next, take it back even further to 2006 when Rih described what pre-fame life in Barbados was like: