July 27, 2017


2007 Throwback: Panic! At The Disco Talk Blowing Up, Keeping Creative Control

As part of our current Throwback Throwdown: Who Owned 2007? poll, check out a 2007 throwback interview with Panic! At The Disco. Former fuse host Steven Smith caught up with the band on the Nothing Rhymes With Circus Tour, their first-ever arena tour as headliners. Above, watch the band reflect on blowing up from supporting act to headlining act in less than a year.

Plus, the guys tell Fuse how the idea to use masks in a lot of their earlier videos came from and why, as a band, it's important for them to not only control their sound, but their aesthetic, as well.

It's great seeing Brendon and the guys back in the day, especially considering how far they've come. Just this week we watched Brendon Urie read fan mail backstage at Kinky Boots on Broadway, which he's currently starring in. Love Panic! At The Disco? Show your love by voting for the band in our Who Owned 2007? poll right here.

Below, Brendon Urie tells Fuse in 2016 why it was important to call his own shots on Panic! At The Disco's Death of a Bachelor album, the first Panic! album written and recorded entirely by Urie himself: