August 25, 2017


Bea Miller Explains How Her Synesthesia Links Miley Cyrus, Halsey & Hayley Williams to Different Colors

Rising act Bea Miller isn't just a talented vocalist—the 18-year-old pop singer also boasts the ability to see and feel colors when hearing certain sounds, a phenomenon known as sound-to-color synesthesia (or chromesthesia for the fancy folks).

Sitting down with Fuse for a quick game of Artist Color Association, Miller was asked to pick musicians who best represented six different colors. For the color red, she went with OG act Led Zeppelin, adding, "Red is usually anger. But sometimes, very happy songs are a bright red to me, which is a very huge contrast."

Miller also revealed color pairings for French MontanaHalseyPrince and Hayley Williams. When it came to yellow, she immediately linked the eye-catching color to Miley Cyrus, who best reflected yellow's intricate shades.

"A lot of the times I see blue, I see the same shade of blue. But yellow is always different shades, and I feel like Miley has gone through so many different versions of Miley," Miller explains.

Speaking of Miley, take it back to 2014 when Miller praised her fellow pop songstress for having "no regard for anyone's opinion":