April 20, 2018


Bishop Briggs Talks First American Experience, How 'The O.C.' Changed Her Dating Game

After back-to-back EPs and a Spotify mega-hit in "River," British-American singer Bishop Briggs officially returns with her highly-anticipated debut album, Church of Scars. Speaking to Fuse about her first-ever full-length project, Briggs also chatted about a few other "firsts," including the first song she ever wrote, her first social media handle, and her first American experience.

Going full throwback to her Xanga, MySpace and MSN Messenger days, the 25-year-old revealed that her first social media username involved the phrase "Apple Juice Queen," a true testament to her IDGAF, boss queen persona.

"I really felt like it had a lot of strength to it, so I went with it for everything," she laughs. "I love apple juice—what can I say."

Born in London to Scottish parents, Briggs resided in Tokyo and Hong Kong before relocating stateside to Los Angeles for her studies. As someone who regularly consumed American pop culture growing up, she recalls having been enamored with teen television series.

"My first American experience was watching Laguna Beach and watching The O.C., and I thought that that was everything I wanted to be," she says. "And now...I literally have a difficult time dating anyone that isn't from The O.C., and I think it's because I had this weird obsession with the place because of my fantasies growing up."

Below, watch Briggs reveal at Lollapalooza 2017 the crucial piece of advice given to her by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin: