September 27, 2018


Fat Joe Takes A Lie Detector Test: Who Won Eminem or Machine Gun Kelly?

From Grammy-nominated throwback records like "Make It Rain" and "What's Luv" to "All the Way Up," it's hard not to have a favorite Fat Joe track.  The Bronx-bred rapper stopped by Fuse to take the...Lie Detector.

Sitting anxiously the rapper attempts to answers questions about who's the funnier comedian on set of the highly anticipated movie Night SchoolKevin Hart or Tiffany Haddish.

"That's a hard one. I think...," the actor struggles to say. 

While artists today may not have career longevity, Fat Joe has been consistent in the game since the '90s and has no time of stopping anytime soon. After creating his own label–Terror Squad–the New York native group became one of the best during its era creating hits such as "Pass the Glock" and of course the infamous chart-topping song "Lean Back."  

"Will there ever be a Terror Squad Reunion?" the interviewer asks. 

Seems like the 48-year-old, who exemplifies a rags-to-riches story, is never not working. To a poor kid who grew up in the projects to now an actor with the possibility of winning awards such as Oscars and Academy Awards. What hasn't the rapper done?

Watch the full clip above to if Rap God Eminem or Machine Gun Kelly took the crown and more! 

Polygraph test performed by Lisa Ribacoff, Advanced Certified Polygraph Examiner, InDepth Polygraph