December 6, 2018


Jack & Jack Take a Lie Detector Test: Would They Be Better Off Solo?

If you think taking a lie detector test is hard, try taking one with your best friend and collaborator asking the questions. Comedy duo-turned musical duo Jack and Jack have been friends since they first met in kindergarten. The Omaha natives Jack (Johnson) and Jack (Gilinsky) rose to fame together on Vine (R.I.P.) but have transitioned to full-fledged music artists over the years. 

Earlier this year, they linked up with English producer Jonas Blue for the inspirational anthem “Rise,” giving them global success, and the pair announced that they’re going on tour in 2019. The two grew up together, they hustled together, and they found success together, but do they think they’d be more successful as a solo act? Does Jack (Gilinsky) think he’s more attractive than Jack (Johnson)? We hooked them up to our Lie Detector and found out. 

Watch Jack & Jack grill each other and find out if their partnership survives the infamous lie detector.