August 13, 2019


DDG Does ASMR While Unboxing Fortnite Skins, Talks YouTube And Music Career

If you need further proof that a-lot can change in just a year, look no further than DDG. Just a year ago, the Pontiac, Michigan bred rapper was working at T.J Maxx and creating vlogs for YouTube. However, once the "13" rapper received his first check from YouTube, he quit his job and decided to go full force with creating content, which worked considering he currently has over 3 Million subscribers who are apart of the "DDG Squad". He has since joined the music game and already has become one of the most promising upcoming a R&B/Rap artists. Not only were you all hinting at someone new for Mind Massage in the comments, but we also thought it was time for an unboxing Mind Massage!

Growing up in Pontiac was hard for the 22-year-old. While he was surrounded by violence and access to the streets, he knew from a young age that if he wanted to be successful he had to surround himself with positivity. 

"I stayed after school all the time. I just wanted to stay out of the streets," he whispered to Fuse. "Basically a lot of my friends are locked up." 

He knew in the beginning, doing YouTube was a "gamble" he also started releasing diss tracks at the time. While he wanted purse and excel in music, he ended up not taking the music as seriously because he was "stuck making this YouTube money."

"I decided one day I'm gonna take it serious, and I'm gonna be one of the first male artists from YouTube that really makes it."  

And that he did. He's on his way to becoming a household name and has stopping soon! He's conquered the YouTube space and is having no trouble conquering the music world; songs with artists such as Famous Dex, Queen Naija and G Herbo also dont hurt his hustle.

"My motivation comes from seeing my family growth. We all keep pushing it, but my main focus is music," the "Arguements" rapper whispers.

Did you enjoy this episode of Mind Massage? Make sure to massage your mind with the full video above to see DDG show his "skills" with cards as well as do some much needed ASMR with a whoopee cushion and much more! Be sure to check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel!