September 5, 2019


Chromeo Does An Insomnia-Inspired ASMR with Goodie Bags And Vegetables

When you think of today's pop artist, you're guaranteed to hear music inspired by Chromeo. The Canadian group's music has and continues to captivate music fans from around the globe with their funky electronic dance sound. We're more than happy to bring the good vibes of the electronic "White Women" duo in for our latest edition of Mind Massage

The two, who grew up together and eventually became best friends, have been playing alongside each other for close to two decades. 

"He accepted me into his band, and that's how we became inseparable, best friends," Dave 1 whispered while experimenting with a baguette. 

While the two became impossible to separate, they also had their own sounds. P-Thugg grew up listening to hip-hop while Dave 1 was more into rock. Ultimately the two "met each-other in the middle" to create a unique sound. 

"We figured out there was a white space in the music world. There was all types of electronic music but no electronic music referenced the music that you're hearing at all the weddings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs... this electronic funky 80's music is played at every function but nobody is paying tribute to it," Dave 1 whispered while exploring a goodie bag.

We can say that the "Jealous (I Ain't With It)" artists definitely give tribute to the various artists with the sounds of "Must've Been", "Needy Girl" and many more! 

The two who both "suffer from insomnia" definitely are a result of "it's a marathon and not a sprint". 

"We started a tour in the Summer 0f 2007 and all of a sudden there were no longer empty rooms, the venues were full," the "Fancy Footwork" artist says while butchering a green pepper.  

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