September 23, 2019


Gallant Does A Sweet-Tooth Inspired ASMR, Talks Upcoming Album & Self Reflection

Music today is heavily inspired by the soft, smooth beats and rhythmic sounds generated from R&B music. From Usher and Alicia Keys to R&B newcomers such as, Summer Walker, Masego, Sabrina Claudio, and Ari Lennox there's no doubt the sensual contemporary sound has had an impact on so many other genres of music. That being said, it was time for us to track down one artist that is redefining R&B, Gallant

We've seen the Maryland native move effortlessly throughout this industry, from opening shows for John Legend and playing alongside music powerhouses like Elton John and Seal; but before the popularity and fame, he was working at a GIANT supermarket right outside of Washington D.C. While working at a supermarket obviously wasn't ideal, he made sure that he was doing everything he could to better his future. 

 "During that time, I was writing music in my room, just for myself because it was therapeutic," he whispered to Fuse in our latest episode of Mind Massage. "I was making the kind of music that I wanted to hear that no one else was really making for me."

Gallant is one of those artist continues to work hard and strive until the product is right. He's been consistently putting out projects, constantly searching for and creating what works directly for him. 

"I wanted it to sound like a record that I could put on as an adult and listen to and get comfort from the same way when I was a kid," the "Compromise" artist says.

As he continues to carve out his own lane in music, he is both on tour now with Sabrina Claudio as well as prepping for his sophomore album Sweet Insomnia, which drops October 25. Did you enjoy this episode of Mind Massage? Make sure to massage your mind with the full video above to watch Gallant experiment with an excessive amount of candy, a few pineapples and much more!