November 11, 2019


Higher Brothers Take a Lie Detector Test

Since the release of their hit, "Made In China," Higher Brothers have been on a nonstop grind. When it comes to music, they're building a bridge between two different cultures and hemispheres and have captivated a hugely diverse audience with their Chinese Trap sound. The positive reaction from both American hip hop and international hip hop has the Chengdu group collabing with the likes of many universal artists such as Joji, 6lack, Famous Dex, GoldLink, and many more! They may have already received a large amount of publicity for their sold out shows in both Asia and North America, they are just getting started.

Why do a lie detector by yourself when you can complete one with your squad? We grabbed the "Midsummer Madness" trio to really see if the best rappers in China come from Chengdu?

Watch Higher Brothers grill each other on their deepest darkest secrets.