February 10, 2020


Rina Sawayama Does ASMR with Japanese Candy, Shares Process Behind Her Music

London based pop artist Rina Sawayama has no issue pushing the envelope when it comes to being her authentic self, especially when it comes to music. Following her top singles "STFU!" and "Cyber Stockholm Syndrome", Rina has recently announced her debut album, which will be both personal and comforting. The "Cherry" songtress says the hardest thing at times is feeling like she belongs, which is something a lot of us deal with in the industry or not. 

In this episode of Mind Massage, the "Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)" songwriter gives you the ultimate brain tingles, while experimenting with Japanese Candy, Kinetic Sand, and much more! Did you enjoy this episode of Mind Massage? Be sure to check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel!